Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 20, 2011: 2011년 11월 20일

오늘 애들은 많이 씄어요.

BJ took his dad's advice seriously.  Here is his checklist:
See?  AJ safe-check; Mommy safe-check; No bad guys-BIG X!

AJ has also been doing a lot of making:
Daddy's face

Mommy's face

This molar-shaped object on the front of AJ's  note to Daddy is how AJ makes a heart.

This creature on the back of Daddy's note is AJ's butterfly.

When you open it halfway, you see this, which is a tall, happy Daddy, I think.

And Daddy going down the slide (which is apparently what everybody should want to do in AJ's mind).

We love you, Daddy!  정말로 사랑해!

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