Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 13, 2011: 2011년 11월 13일

So today we were supposed to have a play date, but thanks to the flu, we stayed home.  The boys had an awesome time outside, and even though I told BJ no wrestling because he's been complaining that his leg hurts, both of them still came in covered with grass stains.  I guess boys will be boys!

They are playing Wii and really want Daddy to help them.  I tell them it's time for bed or time to do something else, and they tell me, "Daddy says we're not going to do anything else until we get this!"  I wish they took that attitude with homework, but I'm glad they have such a good memory with Daddy.

Here they are: 

AJ playing Legos.

BJ on the computer

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