Friday, November 18, 2011

November 17-18, 2011: 2011년 11월 17-18일

Boys warming up at karate.  The last little bit with BJ laying down is a self-made jumping exercise in which one child lays down and the other tries to jump over him while kicking. The teacher put an end to that pretty quickly at this level.

Punching.  BJ sticking out his tongue while he thinks mid-motion.

BJ & AJ at the church's Nerf gun battle (Boys hit targets.  The best team gets the most Nerf darts in the target bags.  There was lots of running and yelling.  They had a BLAST!). BJ is the boy in black at the beginning running away from the camera right in the middle of the frame.  AJ is the screamer who comes running up at the end.

BJ running away again (black blob in the middle of the picture).

Here is AJ also turned and running after someone.

They had SO much fun!

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