Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1, 2011: 2011년 11월 1일

It's a good thing that people gave us popcorn and pretzels and fruit snacks because AJ didn't want to eat anything that wasn't in the candy bowl this moring.  He spent the whole afternoon wearing old costumes and calling this "The Second Day of Halloween," like "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

BJ, on the other hand, has taken to insulting the kids at school in Korean because he can't get in trouble for that.

Both boys had played so hard yesterday and ran so much today that they were asleep right at 8:00.  In fact, BJ was asleep before I hung up the phone with Daddy.  I think he just needs to hear Daddy's voice at night.  He sometimes doesn't know what he wants to say (and I try to say more here), but he and AJ just love Daddy's voice. 

We love you and hope all is well!

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