Monday, February 25, 2008

Sorry for the delay!

We're sorry for the delay in posting--I will try to be better. AJ is talking all the time now--in both languages, and he loves to be outside, even when the temperature is dropping rapidly. Yesterday, it was warm in the afternoon, but it was quickly cooling down. But neither boy wanted to come in. AJ was sweeping the walk with his little broom when I asked him if he was finished and wanted to come in. "Uh-unh," he said rather vehemently, "Not finished." I was a bit shocked.

On BJ's side, BJ has really discovered friendship in the last two weeks. He was interested in friends before but didn't really know how to get along with other children. Now, however, he does very well and wants to play with other kids all of the time. He also really wants to write, so we will be getting him his own notebook soon. I had tried getting him to write earlier, but he was uninterested until he saw his friends doing it.

I'm going to post this as is and add video and pictures to the next post. We love you all!

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