Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 30, 2011: 2011년 10월 30일

Well, I made the big one upset today by telling him what to do (not sure what it was... I can't remember any more--and neither can he!).  So he decided he was going to play in his room, and he didn't want me to come.  He made signs in case I forgot.

The little one wanted to protest too, but he was apparently protesting yellow...

They both fell asleep watching a bed movie ( I let them because they miss Daddy, and it helps the big one stay in his own bed).

We love you, Daddy!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 29, 2011: 2011년 10월 29일

눈이 만히 왔어요. 

오늘 진희가 점버 3게 비진다.  범찬이 바지 3게 비진다:  (The big one got three coats soaked, and the little one soaked 3 pairs of pants:)


셋. three.

오늘 발래  많이 있잖아....

Friday, October 28, 2011

October 28, 2011: 2011년 10월 28일

The boys had a really eventful day today.  As soon as the big one heard it might snow today (about 1/2 hour before the bus was due to come), he had has jacket on and was ready to go!  Then they had a free private karate lesson to try it out.  They were both SOOOOOO excited, although the little one is still a little too little to go to the big classes (they said he'd need shorter classes or private lessons for awhile).

Then Grandpa took them to Kings for dinner.  The little one talked them into a sundae, and the big one was thrilled with hot rolls. 

They were so excited to talk to Daddy at home.  While they were waiting, they discovered Aqua.  I told them that Daddy and I had listened to their songs when we were dating:

They were very impressed.  They might like to live in a Barbie World.  And the big one would like to watch it with Daddy.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 27, 2011: 2011년 10월 25일

The little one was thrilled to hear Daddy's voice tonight, and the big one cried until I called.  Once he heard Daddy, he immediately settled down.  Then, once the little one fell asleep, the big one once again stole his pillow and is yet again sleeping in Daddy's spot.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26, 2011: 2011년 10월 26일

The little one looked for you in the closets this morning, Daddy.  The big one cried and cried until I tried to call you.  Then he took all the pillows in the house, including the one under his little brother's head, and is sleeping in your spot.

The little one wanted to show you a bat he made:

One of the 할아버지 in my writing group gave the boys some toys in exchange for some work I did for him.  Here is the big one with a "hairy ball":
And then they had Halloween macaroni and cheese and were very happy (or at least for a little while):

We love you!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 25, 2011: 2011년 10월 25일

Today the boys had to go to school.  The big one was happy to have something to do, but the little one wanted to wait until Daddy called.  He cried through breakfast while his brother kept saying, "Snap it out!" (i.e., "Snap out of it!"). Then they discovered it was crazy sock day at school, and I let them wear my crazy boot socks (neon stripe and leopard print). 

The big one made a puzzle for Daddy at school:

But he likes it too much to mail yet.  He's saving it here.

The little one was busy too:

He drew Daddy lots of stars.  Stars are evidently the ultimate measure of achievement in Miss Kindergarten's class.  Unfortunately, they were yellow, which doesn't photograph very well:
His eyes are a little puffy because he was sleepy and was having some allergies.  He fell asleep moments after talking to Daddy--like that was all he had been waiting for.

We love you all!

Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011: 2011년 10월 24일

Today the boys said goodbye to Daddy, albeit with some confusion. 

"Daddy's coming back in 22 days!" the little one told someone.  Twenty-two is the last number the little one will write before he gives up and scribbles 100.

"Daddy's coming back Christmas Day, stupid!" the big one interjected.  "Like Santa Claus, duh!"

What Daddy actually said was 크리스마스 떼... or "around Christmastime."

So they're both a little confused.

When we came back home, I told them that they didn't need to go back to school if they felt it was too tough.  The big one immediately said, "너무 힘들러, 엄마.  박에 놀도돼?"--"It's too tough, Mom.  Can I play outside?"

I confined them to the house until school let out and, since I had gone to bed after midnight and gotten up around five, decided I needed to lay down for a moment. 

So I threatened them. "You can play Wii downstairs as long as I hear NO fighting.  And if I hear ANYTHING, no computer games or Wii for a month and you are going RIGHT back to school."

Of course I heard things, but there was no bloodshed.  I wonder if J.K. Rowling's kids fight over the Harry Potter games the same way. 

"JUST GIVE ME MY BODY BACK!!!" shouted the big one.

"YOU SAID I COULD MOVE IT THIS TIME!!!!" the little one yelled back.

They don't really understand yet.  I sang the big one's favorite babyhood lullabies tonight ("Sleep, Little Child" and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight").  The big one announced, "When Daddy gets home, he will be the big lion again, and he will sleep like this (makes menacing growl with his eyes closed).  That's 'cause he always protects us."

Travel safely, Daddy lion.  We miss you.