Monday, January 19, 2009

Sledding, etc.!

Hi, everybody!

We went sledding on Saturday, and everyone had a wonderful time (well, Ilsuk said he didn't, but that was just because he was juggling the logistics, which is a little stressful). Video will come later because I am too impatient to wait for it to load and then double check the script.

Above, in order, 1-The two boys are so happy in the robot ride--that is, until it actually starts and AJ needs to be rescued by Daddy! 2-BJ is the first person down the sled run (the other kids at the bottom were from the previous run). His need for speed is scaring me already! 3-AJ is thrilled with the bumper cars and goes like crazy until his foot is too tired to push the pedal anymore. 4-Jinhyoung is talking to AJ about how to make snowballs. 5-Minji is sledding down the big hill. I tried to get Jinhyoung, too, but he sleds too fast and I couldn't get him on film. 6-BJ is bringing back his sled for another run--what a big boy! 7-Jinhyoung is looking for a path in the play area. 8- BJ is shaking hands with Frosty while AJ is (loudly) having nothing to do with it. 9-Minji, BJ, and AJ are relaxing to a movie before bed. 10-AJ is standing up a sled in the play area. 11-BJ is thrilled with his lineleader badge. 12&13-BJ has used his Arthur stickers to label our toilet in case we forget what it is :). 14-AJ is riding the vacuum cleaner. 15-BJ is decidedly NOT eating breakfast.

Well, we love you all! Happy Chinese New Year!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vacation is great!

So far, although there's a little more work, vacation with the boys has been wonderful!! Here are some pictures of the boys. AJ is carrying Mung-Mungey on his back. BJ and AJ are playing with Thomas the train.
Then, AJ took some pictures himself, and I think he's getting better. Among the pictures of AJ's feet, the blankets, the lights, and AJ's thumbs, there was a picture of BJ playing with Diego and his Max Man while watching TV and BJ being a monkey.
And there's also a video of the boys with the train. AJ shows Thomas and then gives Grandma and Grandpa a kiss through the camera. And of course a less sweet video of AJ and the train. BJ also shows us Thomas's spaceship, and the boys play with the train set. Also there's a video of my nephew's idea of "behaving" while his classmate is being recorded (check the background).

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a great New Year's celebration so far! Ilsuk's mom made us some spectacular kamjatang (the soup we used to travel to DC to eat) that she prepared right at midnight, even though that's not the tradition. Then on New Year's Day, we went with Ilsuk's brother's family to the Busan Aquarium beside the ocean. Here are pictures of the day!