Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Here are some pictures leading up to Christmas this year, beginning with AJ and his inseparable doggie "Mung-mungie" next to the 3" x 5" TV (although we now have a bigger one) and leading up to a bribed photo of the two in Santa hats in front of the Nativity window. Alas the picture of the gingerbread house is missing the marshmallows and the snowman, but it was devoured before I could get another picture, so this will have to be good enough. We also have a video of AJ singing "Happy Birthday" to himself, which he constantly does in both English and Korean. We have BJ goofing around with his Ben 10 watch (which turns him into good guy aliens). The boys, who are now friends, are sitting next to one another in the same chair watching a movie on the computer. My nephew is helping to build another gingerbread house.
Also, I have a link to a song that BJ and AJ both love about Christmas. Maybe Carl and Katrina will like it, too (there are two links). BJ adds his own words and AJ only sings the verse about the dog (not in the videos--"'I', said the dog with the dark brown eyes, 'I watched over him under darkening skies. I watched over him until morning's rise. I', said the dog with the dark brown eyes.). I enjoy BJ's verses, although I never did hear what the "evil alien robot monster dragon" did for Baby Jesus. (Tennessee Ernie Ford for Grandma Bowers)
We love you all!